Ubuntu PXE

Diskless booting is a method of booting a PC without the need for a harddrive. Instead, the client PC boots from a network attached harddrive provided by a server computer or a NAS device. Its pretty cool and can be very useful for re-purposing old computers.


Install Dnsmasq for serving your home LAN dhcp clients and caching DNS queries.

Android Lightweight Timer

Introducing: LightweightTimer. LightweightTimer allows to schedule tasks for repeated future execution. It pretty much serves the same purpose of Java’s Timer class, but does not require extra thread creation. Instead, LightweightTimer uses Android’s Handler class to schedule its tasks. This is important when creating Android apps because memory is at a premium, and creating a […]

GDB Tips and Tricks

Use GDB TUI Use TUI start with gdb -tui or activate with ctrl+x and ctrl+a More info about GDB TUI here s step into n step next b <symbol name> add breakpoint

Common Linux Stuff

Here is a list of common linux commands that I always forget to use. Add A New User Create a regular user with a home dir

make that user a sudo-er

Create New Group

add a user to a group

Configure a Mailserver for your Tech Startup

So you just bought a domain name and now you need to setup email accounts for everyone in your Startup. Well, I guess you could go out and find email hosting. But who wants to spend about $2-$3 / month / mailbox? After all, this is Lean Startup right? Screw that! You call yourself a […]

TinyStep – Lightweight Objective-C Foundation Alternative

TinyStep is an alternative to Objective C’s Foundation library. TinyStep is not just another open-source implementation of the Foundation library like GNUStep-base or Cocotron (both excellent project by the way). Rather, TinyStep seeks to implement only the primitive and essental programing constructs such as lists, strings, hashtables, etc. Also, TinyStep diverges from the standard Foundation […]