PCB Design

Trace Width Traces that carry large currents should be wider to avoid heat buildup. Use this calculator to decide nominal trace widths http://www.4pcb.com/ »

Project GoGrow

Here is a concept sketch I made in Sketchup GoGrow is a hardware device that automates caring for a small indoor garden. It runs the lights, »

Docker Cheetsheet

Common Commands List all running images docker ps -a Start a container docker start [instance_name] Run a command shell in an already running image: docker »

Java Memory Leak Debugging

A memory leak by definition is an increase of memory usage that never returns to a lower baseline level. Can you see the problem in this »

Debian Packages

Creating Debian Packages (.deb files) can be tricky business. A .deb file a special file format that holds metadata about the package and its dependencies and »